Drawing with Light and Shadow:  An Introduction

  • Subject:  Drawing
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Time: 3 weeks
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Course overview
In this class you'll learn one of the most powerful tools in the visual arts.  It’s not a secret.  It is knowledge developed by master artists over 400 years ago.  It's has  been passed down over the centuries from one artist to another.  I learned it from my teachers and now you can learn it from me!  
  • Video time: 3 hours instruction
  • Assignments: 3

#1 Historical Perspective

You'll learn where and when in history the tradition of light and shadow originated.  

#2 Material & Technique

You'll learn what materials you'll need and how to use them.  

#3 What to Draw

You'll learn what kinds of things you should draw for the best learning experience and how to set up a still life to ensure a successful drawing

#4 Building Skills

You'll learn how to draw:

  • Organic forms in a simple still life.  
  • Simple forms in a complex still life 
  • A complex form

In this course 

Learn from Renaissance Masters

  • How they used a direct light source to create a clear division between light and shadow. 
  • How this convention established rules to follow for certain and powerful results
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In this COURSE You'll

Learn What to Draw 

What Objects make good subject matter for this kind of drawing and what objects do not. 
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In this course you'll

How to arrange your still life

You'll learn the importance of:
  • Using a clear direct light source
  • Applying design principles like balance, variety and harmony
  • Following the Rule of Thirds
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In this course you'll

Learn New Materials

You'll learn to draw the effects of light and shadow using charcoal in one project. Then in another you'll learn to use PanPastel, which offers various color options.
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A very educational program

A very educational program.  It was fun to watch as well as to follow along with the tutorials.  It's amazing to see what starts as a few pencil marks grow into something quite lifelike and dimensional with just some charcoal and an eraser..

Robyn Sharier


I really would recommend this course to everyone interested drawing and willing to work on their skills. The demonstrations are clear and easy to follow.

Helen Red

Very Helpful

I have completed this course and now have such a better understanding of how to draw with charcoal. I also have more confidence in what sots of things I need to draw to continue to improve.

Nicola Wade

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