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The school for you, if you love to learn and want to experience the joy and benefits of learning to be an artist.
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I'm Sharon McNeil, Teacher, Founder and CEO of the New Page Academy

A School Just For You!

I’ve been teaching art for more than 20 years at the college level.  I've been so impressed by the enthusiasm and determination of returning students.    

And by returning, I mean older but I'm not talking about numbers here.  I'm talking more, about where they are in life.  They've come back to school to take art because it was something they always wanted to do.  

Perhaps they loved to make art as a child but gave it up when they grew up for other activities. Or they loved to make art all through high school but when entering "the real world" they didn't have time for it because they had to make a living and support a family.  Does this sound familiar? 

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 Maybe you have a little more time now and would like to get back into art. Perhaps you have doubts about whether you even can learn to draw. You have a nagging feeling that it might be too late. If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place.
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Spotlight with Laurie Hardie 

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"Spotlighting Art Soiree with Sharon McNeil"

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