Drawing for Absolute Beginners:  Self Paced

  • Subject: Drawing
  • Level:
  • Time:
    8 weeks
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Course overview
If you want to learn to draw but you don't know where to start, this course is designed for you.

Drawing is the foundation to all the visual arts.  Once you start, it is like opening a door to a whole new world.! 
  • 4 Unique Concepts with Corresponding Video Demonstrations and Projects
    4 Bonus Demonstrations
  • 30 days of gesture drawing exercises.  10 minutes a day.

#1 Two Classes in One!

This course includes all the exercises in the 30 Day Gesture Drawing Quick-Start.  In addition you will learn traditional drawing techniques for sighting and measuring.

#2 Multiple Ways of Seeing

You'll develop multiple ways to draw.  Learning both logical and intuitive methods so It is literally drawing with your whole brain.

#3 Fundamental Principles

This course introduces you to fundamental principles that you can develop and use to draw anything you see.

#4 Fully social learning

A built-in social network for connecting with your peers. Share your experiences, your drawings and get your questions answered.

This course Includes

Visual Training

30 Days of visual training to help you capture the overall movement and energy.
  • Crucial for creating dynamic and expressive artwork
  • The frame of mind you need when starting a drawing.
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This Course Includes

Learn new skills

How do you get the correct shape of an object? 

The twisting and turning of a branch can be overwhelming, but, if done right, it suggests volume and movement.

You'll learn how to analyze and refine for an accurate drawing.
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This Course Includes

Objects in Space

You'll learn the process of drawing many objects in space.  This includes:
  • Accurate proportions 
  • Accurate scale.
  • Correct placement so objects appear in the right location.
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This Course Includes

Form and Structure

Organic objects, like people, animals, fruit and anything "nature-made" are unique. 
  • You'll learn how to "analyze" the structure 
  • Analysis leads to understanding
  • Understanding informs the work you do in other mediums like charcoal and paint. 
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Great class

Great class. Excellent video demonstrations, really useful exercises, lots of encouragement, and helpful critiques of our work. Sharon was really responsive to suggestions and adapted to the needs of our class. Super fun. Planning to take her next class too.

Donna Andrews

Great start to begin drawing!

Great start to begin drawing! Sharon breaks it down and helps students see objects in a different way. I enjoyed these classes and will continue to work on these techniques and use the tools to improve. Thank you Sharon for reigniting my interest in drawing  and creating. 

 Kay Karalis

I enjoyed the course a lot.

I enjoyed the course a lot. I learned something new that caused such a pleasure to use in my art. All the instructions about our lessons were clear and the demonstrations extremely helpful

Barbara Spyrou

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