30 Day Gesture Drawing Quick-Start

  • Subject: Drawing
  • Level: Beginner
  • Time: 30 Days 
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Gesture drawing is seeing the world through fresh eyes in a way that is unfamiliar to most people. 

It comes from a part of the brain that doesn't care about right or wrong or details.  It is a part of the brain that is completely intuitive. 

This course teaches you to start your drawings from this place, with energy and gusto!

Here's how this course works

30 Days 10 Minutes a Day

You have a 30 day program laid out in front of you.  You don't need to "think" about what to draw.  Just draw the timed videos that come with the course for days 1 through 3o.  Only 10 minutes a day and you are  bound to see results.

Design Concepts 

Learn design concepts that are built into the course.  You'll have a demonstration every 5 days to offer you some visual principles you can use in your drawing sessions.  The images are curated to work especially with each concept.

Concepts Build on Each Other 

Concepts build on each other so you will have multiple ways to start a drawing by the end of the course.  

Wide Range of Materials

You will be using a wide range of materials.  Each material, gives you a different sensory experience when you draw.  As a result,  you develop a variety of mark making styes.

Timed Drawings

Timed drawings give you something your detailed brain wants nothing to do with.  This allows your intuitive brain to take over.  Drawing times start as short as 30 seconds at the beginning of the course to 5 minutes at the end.

Get a Fresh Perspective

This course absolutely works to change the way you see.  But you may need feedback on your drawings.  Consider buying the "Gesture Feedback Bundle" to get the help you'll need or post images into the course community. 
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Wet Media

You'll draw with several kinds of wet media including Art Graf "water soluble graphite in a tin" and Art Graf "tailor's chalk."  Just apply a wet brush to these materials and go!
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You'll use a pen for some sessions.  I encourage you to choose a pen for how it "feels" in your hand and how it glides across the paper.  My favorite, the "Gel Pen Elite," is for writing but is a joy to draw with as well.
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Graphite & Water Soluble Pencils

You'll draw with water soluble graphite and color pencils.  The familiar feeling of graphite in your hand is empowering.  The opportunity to hit it with a wet brush and take the drawing further is even more so.  The color options offer you yet another sensory experience to respond with.
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Great Course

Sharon gives great lectures for each section, defining a couple of principles and demonstrating how she enacts them when she's gesture drawing, which is really helpful. The pictures are well-chosen for the principles she's illustrating. I go back and watch the lectures several times and lately I've been doing multiple gestures of a lot of the pictures. This is a great course. 

Donna Andrews


I really would recommend this course to everyone interested in drawing and willing to work on their skills. The course is designed to get you results quick.

Helen Red

Extremely Helpful

I enjoyed the course a lot. I learned something new that caused such a pleasure to use in my art. All the instructions about our lessons were clear and the demonstrations extremely helpful. 

Barbara Spyrou

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