Drawing Workshop for the Absolute Beginner

Do you want to learn to draw but you don't know where to start?  Have you seen the joy it brings others and want some of that for yourself?  Have even bought some art supplies but they just sit there because you don't know what to do with them?  Join this workshop and get those questions answered.  You will learn the basics on how to draw geometric and organic objects in a still life. 

March 9th through March 16th

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You won't want to miss this!

  Learn the basic skills you can use to start drawing anything you see.  
  Learn from the convenience of your own home
  Meet and interact with other students in our Zoom meetings and in our dedicated Facebook group.

Who am I?

I'm Sharon McNeil for New Page Academy where we help you to experience the joys and benefits of learning to be an artist.  I taught art at the college level for 20 years, so I know the ups and downs and pitfalls you can go through.

I also know that a lot of people think you are born with the ability to draw.  Not true.  There is a clear path to learning to draw and I can teach you.  As you start to learn you will start to enjoy the process and you'll understand that those people who love drawing?  it's the process they love.  The drawing you end up with is a bi-product.

I hope you can joining me for this workshop!

We'll have Three Live Zoom Meetings in this Workshop

Meeting 1

You'll learn what to draw, how to set it up in a still life, where to sit in relation to you're set up, what materials to use.  

Meeting 2

In a demonstration you'll learn how to draw your still life and place your objects accurately in the same space.

Meeting 3

I'll give feedback on a range of student work.  I may critique yours or someone else's so you can learn by example.

Question and Answer

We'll have a question and answer period after each session and we will have a "pop up" Facebook group dedicated to this workshop.
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