So You're Learning to Draw?
Turn Confusion into Clarity

The Building Blocks for Drawing What You See

For people who are tired of drawing in circles.
Discover practical techniques you'll love, even if you've tried countless other methods.

And Start Making Better Drawings Today!
This is a great start to begin drawing!

Sharon breaks it down and helps students see objects in a different way. I enjoyed the workshop and will continue to work on these techniques and use the tools to improve.

Thank you Sharon for reigniting my interest in drawing!


When you're trying to figure it out yourself it’s overwhelming. 

  • YouTube videos
  • Artists offering advice
  • Programs to teach drawing.

The challenge is this:

How do you NAVIGATe all THat INFORMATION to find what you need to actually help you reach your goal?

Avoid These Rookie Mistakes!

  • Spending $100’s on supplies without knowing how to use them, and then discovering that you don’t even need them in the first place.
  • Wasting time on tutorials that don't teach what you want to know.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by so many options that you don't even know where to start.  
  • Second guessing yourself every step of the way
  • Becoming too frustrated to even pick up a pencil.

There is a Better Way!

With my 

5 Lens Method of Drawing What You See


 You'll learn how to see your subject matter in 5 unique ways. 

Each LENS involves skills that engage your brain in different ways  to give you a full understanding of your subject matter

 This Will Allow You to Learn Quickly and Effectively

Because You Don't Just Draw with the Right Half of Your Brain. . .
 . . . You Draw with Your WHOLE Brain

Gesture Drawing

Visual training that teaches you to see the “whole” before the “parts.” We use 50% of our brain to process images and this is mostly done subconsciously.
This taps into that hidden potential!

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Sighting and Measuring

Here you analyze and compare your drawing elements to the source. This approach allows you to get accurate shapes, proportion, placement and scale while maintaining the vigor of the gesture.

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Hatching to Create Form

“Hatching” engages the tactile experience in what you see.  You learn to interpret the surface of forms from 3 dimensions into 2 and develop a more convincing readability in your drawings.

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Planar Analysis for Structure

With this method you learn to analyze the form into planes or facets.  This improves your understanding of what you see and also simplifies into a clearly readable drawing. 

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It doesn’t matter what your subject is. When you learn these techniques you'll have an approach you can use to draw ANYTHING you see.

Do You Suffer From Self Doubt?
It is one of the biggest obstacles to people learning to draw.  

Don't Worry, I've Got You Covered!

  • You’ll get feedback on your work as you progress through the course so you can turn that self doubt into a learning experience

  • You'll have multiple ways to connect with me through the weekly course lessons, the course platform group chat, messenger, and my office hours.

  • With the help and support of the course group, you’ll also get to see their progress and anticipate issues you may encounter in the future.

  • If your schedule doesn’t allow you to come to the 7 live Zoom meetings no problem. The meetings will be recorded and you can watch the replays.

  • If you can't attend, you can submit questions to me ahead of the meeting.  I’ll address them so that you still get the guidance you need.

Say Yes!

Yes Sharon! 
I’m ready to start making better drawings!

"The Building Blocks For Drawing What You See!"

I Am Ready To . . .
  • SAVE TIME:  With this proven path to learning to draw, rather than wasting endless hours on free tutorials that don’t teach me what I want to know.
  • SAVE MONEY:   On Supplies with a supply list and demonstration videos so I’ll know exactly what I need and how to use it.
  • BE MORE PRODUCTIVE:  With the accountability and motivation I'll gain when learning with a supportive community of like minded people.
  • AVOID CONFUSION AND OVERWHELM:  With access to an experienced art teacher so I’ll get the guidance I need when I need it 
  • SAVE MONEY WITH GROUP LESSONS: as opposed to taking expensive private lessons
Right Now You Can Buy 

The Building Blocks For Drawing What You See

For ONLY $399 ? or 499?
It is only available for a limited time at this special rate!

The Value of what you're getting is clear

7 Private lessons with me would cost 

The Self-paced version of this course (without Zoom Lessons) is

4 bonus project video Demonstrations

With a total of 





That is quite a savings!  But why would I do this for such a low price?

I’ve been teaching these methods for 25 years so I know they work. Now that I’m going public with my own school, I want to make sure that this opportunity is available to motivated individuals like yourself!
Sharon is very knowledgeable and takes the time to demonstrate great technique in a guided online class experience.

I can’t wait till the next class! I’m learning so much in a short time.

— Randi
Sharon is an outstanding instructor.

As a person who is a complete novice when it comes to drawing, I felt comfortable with Sharon‘s guidance and feedback on my drawings. 

I highly recommend Sharon as an instructor

— Lori
Sharon is the best art teacher I’ve ever had. She excels in explaining a concept verbally and then showing visual examples of it. 

Her teaching technique is uncomplicated and easy to follow. 

When you take a class with her, not a single session goes by without learning something new. 
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