Are You Learning to Draw but Nothing Seems to Come Out Right?

Then This workshop is perfect for You! 

Go From Frustration and Overwhelm to Knowing How
to Get Accurate Proportions


The Basics of Proportion for Beginners

For people who can see there's something wrong with their drawings but don’t know how to fix them 

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And Start Making More Accurate Drawings Today!

But don't just take my word for it!

When you take a class with Sharon, not a single session goes by without learning something new. 
— Laurie
This is a great start to begin drawing!  Sharon breaks it down and helps students see objects in a different way.
— Kat
Sharon is very knowledgeable and takes the time to demonstrate great technique in a guided online class experience.
— Randi

Trying to figure it out yourself is overwhelming! 



Avoid These Pitfalls

  • Spending $100’s on supplies without knowing how to use them, and then discovering that you don’t even need them in the first place.
  • Wasting time on tutorials that don't teach what you want to know.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by so many options that you don't even know where to start.
  • Second guessing yourself every step of the way
  • Becoming too frustrated to even pick up a pencil.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed?

It is one of the biggest obstacles for people learning how to draw.

The fastest way to improve drawing accuracy is a technique known as . . . 

 “Sighting and Measuring”

When you learn to "Sight" you can compare to the source & adjust your drawing for accuracy.

It doesn’t matter what your subject is. Once you learn this sighting method, you can use it to get accurate proportions in anything you draw.

In this Workshop I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to learn how to "sight and measure" for accuracy.  

Plus Every Lesson Is Recorded!

  • So if you can’t make it live you can see it in the replay.

  • You can submit questions for me to address before the meeting. 

  • And with the help and support of the group, you’ll also get to see their progress and anticipate issues you may encounter in the future.

Say Yes!

I’m ready to start making more accurate drawings with the

 Drawing Workshop: The Basics of Proportion for Beginners

With this Workshop You Will

SAVE MONEY:  With a supply list and demonstrations you’ll know exactly what supplies you need and how to use them.

SAVE TIME:  with this proven path to learning how to “Sight and Measure” instead of wasting endless hours on free tutorials that don’t teach what want to know. 

BE MORE PRODUCTIVE: with the accountability and motivation gained from learning with a supportive community of like minded people.

AVOID CONFUSION AND OVERWHELM:  With access to an experienced art teacher to give you the guidance you need

Lesson 1

Saturday March 9

Live Zoom Meeting
2 pm Los Angeles
5 pm New York
10 pm London
9 am Sydney (March 10)
Learn what to draw, how to arrange it in a still life and where you should sit in relation to the still life for the maximum learning benefit.
Lesson 2

Wed. March 12

Live Zoom Meeting
2 pm Los Angeles
5 pm New York
10 pm London
9 am Sydney (March 13)
From a demonstration, learn how to start your drawing and then how to check and measure for accurate and proportional relationships.
Lesson 3

Saturday March 16

Live Zoom Meeting
2 pm Los Angeles
5 pm New York
10 pm London
9 am Sydney (March 17)
Learn from this feedback session how to grow from your mistakes. Whether I critique yours or someone else's drawing, there will be something you can learn 


The Basics of Proportion for Beginners

Is available for only $27 but for a limited time. 

Why would I offer this workshop at such an insanely low price?

Because I am so confident you will see the value in this workshop that you’ll want to come back for more.

I’ve been teaching these methods for 25 years and I know they work.  

Here is my chance to show you they work and make a loyal customer out of you.
Write your awesome label here.
Sharon is the best art teacher I’ve ever had.

She excels in explaining a concept verbally and then showing visual examples of it. 

Without reservation, I would recommend taking an art class with Sharon
— June
Sharon is an outstanding instructor.

As a person who is a complete novice when it comes to drawing, I felt comfortable with Sharon‘s guidance and feedback on my drawings.

I highly recommend Sharon as an instructor!  
— Terry
Sharon is a highly qualified enthusiastic instructor who guides the student step by step, to a new grasp of essential concepts and techniques that inevitably improves their art.  

She is dedicated, well prepared and accessible.
— Kris

This is just the beginning of a whole new way to see!

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