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Experience the Benefits and Joys of Learning to be an Artist

Methodology & Rationale

Sharon is a highly-qualified, enthusiastic instructor who guides the student, step by step, to a new grasp of essential concepts and techniques that inevitably improves their art. She is dedicated, well- prepared and accessible. Definitely recommend her!             
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For Those Who Love to Learn  

Art School for the Joy of it!

Do you remember as a child what it was like to draw? To a child, drawing is like playing. It is entirely natural to them until they reach adolescence, the age of judgment. Then the joy of Art is lost.  But you can get this joy back!  Because it's never too late. Anyone can learn to make art, even if you haven't drawn since you were a child. Even if you don't consider yourself to be artist..
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Why Learn to Draw Now?
Why learn to draw now?

Experience the Many Benefits of Learning to Draw

Besides the joy of learning, art offers many benefits.  Studies have shown that learning art helps stave off cognitive decline.  Learning to draw uses both the left and right hemispheres of the brain, leading to stronger neural connections and improved memory recall.
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Connecting with Others

You Are Not Alone

Knowing you are not alone in your learning journey is an important part of the process.  We have a supportive community of learners you can join to help keep you on track.  You can share your frustrations and successes.  You can motivate each other, learn from and inspire each other.
Struggling with self doubt?
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Discover how anyone can learn to draw, EVEN YOU!
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A Proven Path to Learning Art

Learning How to See

What you'll learn from me is no secret.  It is a proven path of knowledge developed over centuries.  I learned from my teachers and now I can share it with you!  It is all about learning how to see.  We look at things but so many of us never really see them.  You'll learn, from me, how to look at things in different ways through drawing studies.  They are like different lenses that allow you to analyze a certain aspect of your subject matter.  This knowledge becomes yours so that you can use it when you need it to draw anything. 

Learn at your own pace with our stand alone self paced courses


Sign up for a group class with live Zoom Lessons if you need  accountability and learn better in groups.


Sign up for private lessons if you need to learn something specific, not offered here or you want more one-on-one guidance.



I'm Sharon McNeil, Teacher, Founder and CEO of the New Page Academy

A school just for you! 

I’ve been teaching art for more than 20 years at the college level.  I've been so impressed by the enthusiasm and determination of returning students.    

I'm not talking about numbers here but more, about where they are in life.  They've come back to school to take art because it was something they always wanted to do.  

Perhaps they loved to make art as a child but gave it up when they grew up for other activities. Or they loved to make art all through high school but when entering "the real world" they didn't have time for it because they had to make a living and support a family. 

Does this sound familiar?  .  .  .

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

This school is not for everyone.  If you want to go to school to enter the workforce or change your career this is not the school for you. 

But if you want to learn to draw and paint to enhance your life, then this might be the school for you.  I'm interested in helping you experience the joy and benefits that come with learning to be an artist. 

I offer you no-nonsense, tried, and true methods for learning to draw without the distraction of letter grades, term papers, or STEM requirements.  That means the motivation is all internal. 

I don't need to waste our time with grading.  I celebrate when I see you make a breakthrough in your learning journey because I see how happy it makes you.  And celebrating your successes is an important part of the learning process.  So when you take a class with me, I am the one teaching it, and if you need help there are multiple avenues to communicate with me, through the schools course messenger, and email and in my weekly office hours which are where you can meet with me on Zoom.   I also have a private Facebook Group.

Do I need previous experience?

There's no need to have any prior experience to start learning to draw. 

Drawing for Absolute Beginners is designed for people with no drawing experience.  It takes work and dedication and your biggest obstacle will be your own self-limiting belief in your ability.  But that's what my guidance is for. 

I understand because I've been there myself and I've taught this for 25 years.  You'll have a knowledgeable and compassionate mentor in me.

How should I choose my courses?

If you've never drawn before, I recommend Drawing for Absolute Beginners."  I also recommend taking the course with live Zoom sessions. 

If that's not possible due to your schedule and time zone, you can purchase the course self-paced (without Zoom meetings) and also purchase some private lessons for guidance. 

If you have some experience and just want the Light and Shadow Class, the same would apply.  Take it with a group session.  (in the winter) or buy the self-paced version and some private lessons to go with it. 

If you've taken a lot of drawing classes and you have a lot of experience but want to strengthen your skills the "30 Day Gesture Drawing Quick-Start" class might be just the class for you.  I would recommend buying that with the bundle of special 20-minute sessions because, without some guidance, it is easy to think you are doing it wrong, even when you are doing it right. 

If you're interested in learning painting or something that is not included in the school curriculum (yet).  You can sign up for private lessons. If you aren't sure where to start based on your experience, send me an email with some images of your work.  I'll be happy to advise you that way.

When can I start learning?

You can start right away.  As soon as you purchase a class you have access to all the materials that go with it. 

You can post questions for me or the group in the community.  If you want more feedback you can purchase private lessons from me or wait and join the next group class at a discount. 

If you are looking for online group classes exclusively, they begin at regular intervals in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Check out our calendar of events.

Where do I find the lessons inside my classes?

Go to this link and watch this video here Your answer is minutes away.

How do I navigate the website on my iPad?

Go to this link and watch this video:  Navigating the website on my iPad
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